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Jessica Bosquez, DPT

I had the opportunity to work with Back In Action on and off throughout my college career.  In 2007, I joined the team as a Physical Therapist.  I am most proud of the atmosphere we strive for at Back In Action as I feel it sets us apart from many others.  We work hard to make everyone’s experience not only successful but also fun, while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism.

I attended high school at Winnebago Lutheran Academy and participated in volleyball, basketball and softball.  It was during high school that I really began to appreciate the intricate design of the human body.  My interest in anatomy and physiology, along with my love for sports, paved the road for my career in physical therapy.  After high school I attended Carroll College where I again played volleyball and softball.  It was here that I obtained my Bachelor of Science followed by my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  

Throughout graduate school I gained experience in treating patients with various orthopedic, pulmonary and neurological conditions.  I also worked with patients and aided in designing rehabilitation programs in more specialized areas such as traumatic brain injury, pediatrics, and patients with amputations.  During the course of these experiences, I quickly learned that my true desire was to work with outpatient orthopedics.  I enjoy the challenge of weighing out the various findings of an evaluation to determine the underlying cause of symptoms.  I then take pride in designing creative rehabilitation programs specific to the individual I am working with and the activities he or she needs to return to.  

My career has led me to one other amazing opportunity.  I have been the physical therapist for the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team since 2015.  I have the privilege of traveling the country with these amazing men to manage their previous and current injuries while also focusing on injury prevention.  I met my husband on this team and we currently reside in Brownsville with our three children.  

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