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Seamus Garvey, MPT

What I enjoy most about working as a physical therapist is the uniqueness of each client. The human body is an amazing machine, able to perform nearly limitless functions. However, it can break down at times.The challenge is to find out what particular areas of the body are causing problems, work to correct those faults and help restore function.

I know that people can be hesitant about attending a physical therapy session – not knowing what to expect. Typically I spend the first session reviewing the history of the current injury and getting to know my client. I then establish a plan of treatment and care, which is individually tailored to each client and the functions which need to be restored.

I enjoy the challenge that working as a therapist provides me. Although each patient’s injury is different, my goal is always the same – to help that person get back to enjoying life as pain-free as possible.

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